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Lalalaland Flower Farm

Welcome to Lalalaland Flower Farm, located in Hamden Catskills NY. We are a certified organic flower farm dedicated to helping you reconnect with nature through our workshops and hands-on gardening experiences. Our farm offers accommodation for groups and individuals, as well as kayaking, fishing, hiking, swimming in our private river island, and many more possibilities. Check out our Spring/Summer gallery to see the beautiful flowers that bloom during this season.

Spring / Summer

In our Spring/Summer gallery, you can find a wide variety of colorful flowers that bloom during this season. From sunflowers to daisies, we have everything you need to brighten up your home or garden. Come and visit us to experience the beauty of nature.

Winter / Fall

Even during the Winter/Fall season, our flower farm is full of life and colors. Our gallery showcases the different types of flowers that you can find during this season, such as chrysanthemums and pansies. Come and visit us to see the magic of nature even during the colder months.

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